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The parish bulletin is posted each week, including a weekly message by our Pastor. This is a wonderful resource for the latest news and announcements and events in the parish and our local faith community.


Current announcements

St. Malo Camps

NEW* St. Malo Camps: Second 5-8 English Session Added! – August 8 and 9, 2022
Due to popular demand, we have added a second session of age 5-8 English Day Camps, on August 8 & 9. Camps as a whole are filling up quickly – over 70% full at this point! If you’ve been putting off registering your kids, now’s the time!
The Saint-Malo Catholic Camps offer your child unforgettable summer camp experiences! Going to summer camp is the perfect way for your child to experience new activities, grow in character, make lifelong friendships, and most importantly, have fun, and all of this in a positive Catholic setting! What are the benefits of camps? Independence, self-esteem, new interests, active lifestyles, appreciation for nature, building memories, and gaining a deeper understanding of God’s goodness and mercy: it’s truly an experience that changes lives! During their week at camps, campers have fun with archery, mountain biking, canoeing, beach time, sports, campfires, music, dramas, and still much more! REGISTER ONLINE TODAY: For more information:  or write to

Posted: 08/5/22 10:57 AM

Announcing Br. Chartier’s Solemn Vows

Alexandre Chartier, son of Gerald and Aurore Chartier, of Winnipeg in the diocese of St. Boniface, will be making his Solemn Vows as a Benedictine monk on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at the 10:00am mass in the monastery of CLEAR CREEK ABBEY located at 5804 W Monastery Road, Hulbert, Oklahoma, USA.

After 5 years of discernment (including making a Simple Profession 2 years in), living a life of conversion and obedience according to the Rule of St. Benedict, Br. Chartier desires to make his Solemn Vows this summer.

Please PRAY for Br. Chartier that the Lord may bless his desire to live his life wholly for God.

Posted: 08/5/22 10:56 AM

Sunday Reflection July 17, 2022 – Being with Jesus

Jesus goes to a village. The name of this village was Bethany. Usually a village is connected with tranquility and simplicity. Unlike cities and towns which are usually busy with people, activities and its associated noise and sound, a village is calm. There are activities in a village, but they are done with better pace and without much stress. Jesus going to village also signifies that he goes to a place of serenity from the hazzles of the town and city.

There were two simple women at the village. They are named as Mary and Martha. Among them, Martha welcomed Jesus into their house and got herself occupied with the mood of serving the guests. It was not a character of a village. It was a character of the busy city. We read that she was getting anxious. It is not that her serving of the guests was at question. But the way she took that activity is a question. She was happy when she saw Jesus and that was why she welcomed him. In fact , It was not Mary who welcomed Jesus. Perhaps Mary was initially busy with something else.

Now, the situation changes. Martha who was awaiting the Lord’s coming was burdened with much serving. Mary who might have been burdened with some other thoughts at the time of Jesus entering the village is now calm and relaxed. We too start our day or a particular mission with zeal and enthusiasm. We get a clear idea and vision to progress. But once the work starts, we enter the phase of being burdened by the same work we assume and term as serving.

The reason is we get anxious and worried. Instead of serving, we want to be served. We don’t realize the immediate and nearby presence of Jesus our Master who is willing to teach us, lead us, instruct us and guide us. As the worry progresses, like Martha, we try to find fault with others and with God himself.

Jesus answers and counsels Martha with these words ‘There is need of only one thing’ (Luke 10 :42). We need only one thing in this life. That is ‘Being with Jesus’. Nothing else. When we are with Jesus, we will know how to lead our day today life. We will know how to tackle situations in a more serene way. We will know not to be anxious and worried. Worry takes away our simplicity and it complexes our mind and thoughts. It is time to be with Jesus and listen to him from the Word, from the blessed sacrament and from the inner heart of ours. Let us go to village – which means a calm state of mind along with Jesus.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Ani Xavier, OFM Cap, Pastor

Posted: 07/18/22 7:31 AM

Sunday Reflection July 10, 2022 – Who Is My Neighbour?

Today’s reading is a parable which Jesus used to explain a lawyer’s question. The question was ‘who is my neighbor’. This question is relevant today as in those days. It is good to ask ourselves this question.

The word neighbor would mean a person who lives near us or next to us. it refers to a person. A human being. Who is he or she? Who lives near you ? Do you know who lives in the next door? Do you know who lives in the same apartment building as yours? Have you seen someone being homeless when  you walk down the streets? Have you seen someone in your office who is lonely and stressed? Have you noticed anyone in your parish who is longing for someone to console them? Have you taken a step towards helping someone who is on the path of addiction? Have you considered to share your experience of life with a youth who has many questions unanswered? Have you thought of praying for a family who experience peaceless days? Have you taken time to see the wound of your own family members who might have been bruised in their mind and heart by various factors?

Now, who are your neighbors? In today’s Gospel parable we read, a man is wounded while he was on his travel. In this world which we travel, all of us are wounded in a way or other. We are wounded psychologically, mentally, spiritually, in senses, in emotions and physically. The man in the parable was wounded by the thieves. We too are wounded by the thief who is devil.

There were 3 people who walked past this man who was wounded. A priest, A Levite, and a Samarian. The first two had continued their journey ignoring the wounded person. The Samaritan too had his own journey, but he paused, he halted, he stopped. He went to him with compassion and bound up his wounds with oil and wine and took him in his animal and brought him to an inn to take care. We too have our life’s journey each day from rising of the sun to its going down and the cycle continues. But during this journey, let us halt with compassion to be a solace to the person in need and give him healing and bring them to the correct Inn. Jesus is the Inn. Let us take our neighbors to the good Lord by our compassionate acts. Only Jesus can provide complete healing for the wounds. We are to carry our neighbors to this divine healer and this answers the first question of the lawyer ‘Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?’ (Luke 10:25).

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Ani Xavier, OFM Cap, Pastor

Posted: 07/11/22 10:25 AM

Sunday Reflection July 3, 2022 – God Comforts Everyone

“As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you” The Lord declares in today’s first reading that he will comfort us like a mother who comforts her child. The child in the hands of the mother cries when it is not comfortable or in need of something. But the moment the child cries, the mother can understand the reason behind the cry and immediately comfort. But others who are in the vicinity of the child may not fully understand the real reason for the cry.

A cry of a child to them is always monotonous, but a mother can read the vocabulary behind it, a mother can decode the cry, she can understand the tone of the cry and provide an answer. Similarly, we may have difficult moments in our life and we may not know how to express it. But God knows the meaning of our cries and he is always present to console us and comfort us.

So, we can also say with the psalmist in the responsorial song ‘But truly God has listened; he has given heed to the voice of my prayer’. The Lord listens carefully to our inner prayers. Just as the angel comforted Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus cried out in agony and pain, God is nearby with his angels to comfort us and show us His will.

Yes. The answer to our prayer is one phrase is ‘Will of God’. When we come to this serenity that the will of God be done in our lives, our prayers are truly answered. But if we fight against the will of God, our battle will prolong and we may not experience the consoling love of the Lord. The world around us can never be a solution to the cries of our internal spirit. That is why St. Paul nails it in today’s second reading to the Galatians ‘But far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world’.

This is the answer to our sorrow and weeping and cries. Opening our heart to God’s will and thereby finding glory in the victorious cross of Jesus and nailing the world to the cross. Thus our names will be written in the books of heaven and our lamentations will become Joy. ‘Rejoice that your names are written in heaven ‘ (Luke 10:20)

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Ani Xavier, OFM Cap, Pastor

Posted: 07/11/22 10:23 AM

Summer Chapels 2022 – REVISED

Summer Chapels: There have been changes to the Summer Chapels Schedule. These changes concern Jessica Lake, Barrier Bay, and Albert Beach. To know more, please go to or call 204-237-9851.

A revised leaflet is available here.

Posted: 06/28/22 9:27 AM

Marriage Preparation Sponsor Couples

We are looking for couples who would be interested in becoming Marriage Preparation Sponsor Couples for Holy Cross Parish.

If you are interested, please contact the parish office at 204-237-7367 or 

Posted: 06/28/22 8:21 AM

Summer Holidays Are Almost Here – Please Don’t Forget About Us

The church continues to operate during the summer months and still needs your support. Consider giving your Sunday offerings before you head out to enjoy your holidays! There are several ways you can do this: you can leave us your post-dated cheques in your Sunday envelopes or by dropping them at the parish office, by INTERACT e-transfer using the email address, or make your donations via  pre-authorized debit, directly through your bank account. For more on this program, please visit our Parish website at: and click on the ‘Give online’ section or email us at for a sign-up form. Thank you for your continued support and have a happy and safe summer!


Posted: 06/24/22 10:40 AM

Regarding Summer Bulletins

During the summer months, as most of us are on holidays or away at the lake, it’s a very quiet season for news, events and updates in the parish and Diocese. So this year, for the months of July and August, we will not be publishing a weekly bulletin. Instead, to keep our parishioners up-to-date with Mass intentions, beginning Sunday, July 3, we will be posting a list of Mass intentions for the month, at the back of the church.  This list will be posted until the weekend of September 11, when we resume our regular bulletins.


Posted: 06/17/22 7:17 AM

Elevator Lift – Out of Order

The elevator lift is out of order. We are waiting for parts to arrive. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your patience.


Posted: 06/1/22 7:45 AM

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