In response to Jesus' loving plea to spend time with him, Holy Cross Parish offers the faithful an opportunity to worship.


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The parish bulletin is posted each week, including a weekly message by our Pastor. This is a wonderful resource for the lastest news and announcements and events in the parish and our local faith community.


Current announcements

Parish Feast Day

Sunday, September 17th | To celebrate our parish feast day we held a short procession of the cross followed by a parish-wide potluck dinner.

Posted: 09/19/17 8:48 PM

Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada

Why is there such a collection?

Every year, the Bishops of Canada make an appeal for financial assistance. This collection helps each diocese make its annual contribution to the national Episcopal Conference and to the respective regional Episcopal assembly (in the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario and Western regions). Any additional funds from the collection are at the disposal of the diocese for its own pastoral needs.

The Collection for the Needs of the Church in Canada will be held on September 23rd & 24th. (Please note the September 17th bulletin says September 24th & 25th in error). The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is the national assembly of Catholic Bishops. Contributing to this collection is an act of collaboration with the Bishops in their ministry of teaching, sanctifying and pastoral governance.

Posted: 09/14/17 9:06 AM

An Introduction to the TOB (Theology of the Body) Study

What is the meaning and purpose of my life? How do I find happiness and fulfillment?

If you’re wondering if there’s more to life than just “getting by” and are ready to focus on what really matters, then discover the extraordinary Catholic teaching known as the Theology of the Body. It will give you a revolutionary and fulfilling vision for life, as it offers a new way to authentically see yourself, your faith, your relationships, and your world.

Given to us by Pope John Paul II, the Theology of the Body is renewing marriages, awakening vocations, healing deep personal wounds, and setting people free to live in the life of greatness to which we are called.

In An Introduction to the Theology of the Body: Discovering the Master Plan For Your Life, an adult faith formation program, renowned author and theologian Christopher West unfolds God’s extraordinary plan for all of humanity. If you desire to live out the fullest meaning and purpose of your life, then join us for this amazing discovery!

This DVD and workbook study will be held on 8 consecutive Tuesdays, beginning September 26th at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the Holy Cross Multipurpose Room. For more information and to register, please contact Marianne Savard at (204) 237-0693 or


Posted: 09/6/17 10:14 AM

Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals is a registered charity that supplies one good meal a day in the classroom, providing children in 13 of the poorest countries in the world an education that will one day free them from poverty. Thanks to a very generous Canadian supporter who has pledged $125,000 to match new recurring donations, if you set up a regular gift with Mary’s Meals today, we will double your donations for the first year of giving. If you’re already a regular giver and you want to give more, then we’ll double your additional recurring donation for the first year too. Donate online at or fill out a donation sheet at the back of the church and mail it to the address shown. Tax receipts are provided annually by request for any donation over $20.00. For further questions, please  call 1 (855) 702-0330.


Posted: 08/30/17 10:02 AM

2017-2018 Children’s Programs

Information and registration forms are now available for our 2017-2018 Children’s Programs on our parish website:, in the Parish Office and at the back of the Church.

These programs are:

  • The “Atrium” – Children’s Catechism program
  • Sacramental Preparation – Children who are looking to receive the sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation
  • Children’s Liturgy – Children are taught about the meaning of Sunday Scripture readings during Mass

Forms and fees should be completed and submitted to Sister Bibiana at the Parish Office by July 20, 2017, by mail or placed in the offering basket on Sundays. Please contact Sister Bibiana by phone at (204) 233-7367 if you have any questions.

Posted: 07/13/17 7:45 AM

Fatima – 100 Years

The 100th Anniversary Celebration of Fatima Continues at Holy Cross Parish

Cenacle Prayer Meeting with Adoration and Reconciliation will follow the 7:50 a.m. Mass on the following days:

Thursday, July 13th
Saturday, August 19th
Wednesday, September 13th
Friday, October 13th

All are welcome! (There is a plenary indulgence attached to this prayer meeting with the usual conditions.)

Fatima – 100 Years

By Denise Walleyn

A bright and sunny day greeted the faithful who responded to the invitation to celebrate, ponder and commemorate the profound message of Our Lady on the 100th Anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima that was celebrated at Holy Cross Parish in Winnipeg on Saturday, May 13. Hundreds of the faithful from the Archdioceses of St Boniface, Winnipeg and the Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg participated in the events of the day recognizing that devotion to our Blessed Mother Mary leads us to a deeper understanding of our Lord and His message. This joyful and spiritual event led us to reflect and give thanks to God for the grace of apparitions and all the prayer that has flowed from the encouragement by our Blessed Mother to pray the Rosary every day, to sacrifice and to love.

The solemn and beautiful early morning opening Mass was presided by Archbishop Albert LeGatt and con-celebrated by Bishop Noel Delaquis, Father Peter Krasuski, Father Peter Nemcek and Deacons Gilles Urquhart and Alphonse Tran. The music was led by Joanne Mercier and choir. Members of the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus formed the Honor Guard. Archbishop Albert inspired the almost 700 with profound words during the homily. At the end of the Eucharistic celebration, the litter with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima surrounded by dozens of roses, was brought forward and incensed in readiness for the procession.

The procession, led by a Cross Bearer and Altar Servers, banner bearers and the Knights of Columbus Honor Guard, preceded the litter holding the statue of Our Lady of Fatima carried by 6 bearers. A beautiful touch was the carrying of a large Rosary by several children. Hundreds followed in procession along the 5.2 kilometer route through the streets of St Boniface, passing by the St Boniface Hospital and the St Boniface Cathedral. Beautiful music along the way was supplied by Father Geoffrey Angelus and choir from St Mary’s Cathedral. Along the way, the Rosary was prayed in 20 different languages that are representative of the many cultural groups that make up our Church.

A much appreciated hour long lunch break provided sustenance to the pilgrims and volunteers alike.

The afternoon opened with a four hour prayer service including Exposition of the Holy Eucharist, praying of the four Mysteries of the Rosary, music led by Alcide Bouchard, silent adoration, the Sacrament of Reconciliation with Father Peter, Father Leonce, Father Tomy, Father Chrys and Father Henryk and finally Benediction and Reposition of the Holy Eucharist.

The closing Mass, presided by Father Peter Krasuski with music led by Jason and Natalie Madden, was very well attended and was a beautiful and fitting end to a beautiful day. Homilist Deacon Gilles drew attention to mothers in honor of Mother’s Day encouraging that Mary be the chosen model.

The 100th Anniversary Fatima Committee worked diligently to bring this beautiful day to reality. Thank you for your grand efforts and thank you to the many volunteers, those who inspired and encouraged this celebration, the bishops and priests present, including Father Chris who was unable to attend the celebration, the sisters, altar servers, catechists, musicians, sound crew, bearers of Our Lady and their coordinator, Couples for Christ, florist, carpenter, children carrying the Rosary, ushers, marshals, cooks and organizers of the food, lift operator, MC, gardeners, sacristans, seamstresses, leaders of the Rosary, lectors, greeters, Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, promoters, photographers, medical first aiders, and all the behind the scenes workers. We have been greatly blessed!

Holy Cross Parish would like to acknowledge the generous financial contributions from several sources, including the Knights of Columbus, Desjardin’s Funeral Chapel, Brunet Monuments, the Catholic Women’s League, along with the suppliers of banners, bottled water, safety vests and individual donors.

Photos submitted by Denise Walleyn and Carla Gervais.

Posted: 05/18/17 9:20 PM

A Plenary Indulgence For the 100th Year Fatima Anniversary

Pope Francis has granted a plenary indulgence opportunity for the 100th anniversary of the Our Lady of Fatima apparitions throughout the centennial year, from the 27th of November 2016 until the 26th of November 2017. Listed in a statement from the Fatima Shrine in Portugal, there are three ways to obtain the indulgence:

  1. Make a pilgrimage to the shrine. The faithful can make a pilgrimage to the Fatima Shrine in Portugal and participate in a celebration of prayer dedicated to the Virgin. In addition, the faithful must pray the Our Father, recite the Creed and invoke the Mother of God.
  2. Pray before any statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The faithful, with devotion, can visit a statue of Our Lady of Fatima solemnly exposed for public veneration in any church, oratory or proper place place of prayer during the days of the anniversary of the apparitions, the 13th of each month from May to October 2017, and there devoutly participate in some celebration or prayer in honour of the Virgin Mary. In addition, the faithful must pray the Our Father, recite the Creed and invoke Our Lady of Fatima.
  3. The elderly and infirm. The faithful who, because of age, illness or other serious causes, are unable to get around, may pray in front of a statue of Our Lady of Fatima and must spiritually unite themselves to the jubilee celebrations on the days of the apparitions, the 13th of each month, between May and October 2017. They must also “offer to merciful God with confidence, through Mary, their prayers and sufferings or the sacrifices they make in their own lives.”

To obtain the plenary indulgence, the faithful must also fulfill the ordinary conditions:

  • Go to confession and communion
  • Be interiorly detached from sin
  • Pray for the intentions of the Holy Father

Posted: 05/9/17 8:19 PM

Holy Cross Paint Party

People enjoyed themselves and were able to explore their creative gifts at the Holy Cross Paint Party held last month on March 18th. Click on the photos to have a closer look at some of the paintings.

Posted: 04/8/17 2:58 PM

Capital Projects

After all the improvements to the sidewalks and approach areas to the outside of the Church last year, we are left with two major projects to complete. They are the reconstruction of the front stairway and the re-pointing of the stonework of the Church exterior walls. Both projects have been approved by the Diocese; subject to keeping the historical characteristics of the building. The projects will have a total cost of approximately $65,000, and are of such importance, the Diocese has requested no further capital projects until these are completed. So far we have raised $10,098.

Please consider an extra donation, to assist Our Church in these very necessary repairs. Also please mark your donation as “Capital” or “Building”, as these donations are not subject to a Diocese assessment. There will be envelopes marked ‘Capital Project’ at the entrances of the Church.

Thank you,

The Parish Administrative Board


Posted: 03/24/17 8:33 AM

Adoration Chapel

Holy Cross Parish is host to an amazing perpetual Adoration Chapel, to which faithful from across the greater Winnipeg area come to adore the True Presence – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! There are a few time slots that we still need to fill. Please consider spending some time with our Eucharistic Lord. Sunday: 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m. & 11:00 p.m., Monday: 12:00 a.m. & 5:00 p.m., and Wednesday: 12:00 p.m. ***If you are able to help, please contact James at (204) 237-6330. We are also looking for two new Day Captains for the Adoration Chapel; one for Sunday and one for Friday. Please contact James for more details. Thank you!

Posted: 01/12/17 8:12 AM

Announcement submissions

Any announcements you wish to submit for the bulletin must be ready for publication. Please submit your announcements prior to the event for consideration.

Contact us with particulars of which dates you would like the announcement to appear, by:

All announcements are subject to approval by our Pastor.