In response to Jesus' loving plea to spend time with him, Holy Cross Parish offers the faithful an opportunity to worship.

100th Anniversary of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima

2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the prophetic and profound message given by Our Lady to three small shepherd children, on May 13th of that year. Throughout the Catholic Church, this anniversary will be celebrated, pondered, and prayed about, contemplating the message brought to us by the Blessed Virgin, to three small peasant children in Fatima, Portugal. It is one of the most prominent Marian apparitions and approved as “worthy of belief” by our Catholic Church.

On May 13th, 1917, these children were tending sheep in the fields when Our Lady, astonishingly beautiful, suddenly appeared to them, standing over the foliage of a small holm oak. During that apparition, she told them “I am from Heaven”, and asked them to return there for six consecutive months on the 13th of each month, and to “say the Rosary every day, to bring peace to the world and the end of the war”.

The Miracle of the Sun

During the subsequent months, the children were harassed and threatened by the Communist authorities, yet people came to attend the apparitions in ever increasing numbers, swelling to 70,000 people by October 13th. Attended by believers, skeptics, and mocking communist party members, on that day as promised, those present witnessed the miracle that the children had asked for so that others might believe. The “Miracle of the Sun”, was witnessed, even by some who were 40 kilometers distant. The event was so profound, even the communists were in awe, and published the account on the front page of their prominent newspaper.

The three shepherd children of FatimaThe three shepherd children of Fatima
People on hand to witness the Miracle of the Sun in 1917People on hand to witness the Miracle of the Sun in 1917

The children were shown visions of Hell; were told of the need for all to pray, pray, especially the rosary, and to sacrifice, in reparation for offences against the Immaculate Heart; foretold of the two youngest visionaries being taken to Heaven very soon; heard warnings of another great war if Our Lady’s requests were not heeded. She asked for the devotion of the Five First Saturdays.

For more information about the children and the apparitions they experienced visit the Eternal Word Television Network website.

Holy Cross Parish Fatima Anniversary Celebration

A video message from Most Reverend Lawrence Huculak, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy


A video message from Most Reverend Richard Gagnon, Archbishop of Winnipeg


A video message from Most Reverend Albert LeGatt, Archbishop of Saint Boniface


On Saturday, May 13th come celebrate a Tri-diocesan event with a morning Mass at Holy Cross Church, a procession through the streets of St. Boniface with a statue of Our Lady of Fatima, and a return to the Church for prayer and Adoration.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

7:50 am Morning Mass | Holy Cross Church
252 Dubuc Street
9:00 am – 11:00 am Procession with a statue of the Virgin Mary
Rosary recitation along the route with interludes of music by St Mary’s Cathedral choir
A bus will be available for those unable to walk, or for respite to those who need a rest
11:30 am – 12:30 pm Lunch Break | Bring a snack and drink for sustenance, seating will be available in the Holy Cross Parish basement or in the nearby school cafeteria.
12:30 pm Prayer Service | Holy Cross Church
Reconciliation to be available
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
The Joyful Mysteries of the rosary | Music & silent adoration
1:30 pm The Luminous Mysteries of the rosary | Music & silent adoration
2:30 pm The Sorrowful Mysteries of the rosary | Music & silent adoration
3:30 pm The Glorious Mysteries of the rosary | Music & silent adoration
4:30 pm Benediction and reposition of the Blessed Sacrament
5:00 pm Evening Mass | Holy Cross Church

Procession Route

Procession Map

Click here to download a poster to promote the Holy Cross celebration.

Click here to read about the event and view photos taken May 13, 2017.

A Plenary Indulgence For the 100th Year Fatima Anniversary

Pope Francis has granted a plenary indulgence opportunity for the 100th anniversary of the Our Lady of Fatima apparitions throughout the centennial year, from the 27th of November 2016 until the 26th of November 2017. Click here to read more about the statement from the Fatima Shrine in Portugal, and the three ways to obtain the indulgence.