In response to Jesus' loving plea to spend time with him, Holy Cross Parish offers the faithful an opportunity to worship.

Holy Cross Parish – COVID 19 UPDATE

We are in the process of implementing COVID-19 protocols in accordance with the latest update from the archdiocese.

Effective with this update, parishes are permitted to allow 50 people at Masses and other forms of worship, according to their capacity.

Here are Holy Cross, we have already been planning for this increase in number with the following considerations in mind, effective Monday, June 29:


  1. The reservation system will be discontinued.


  1. Attendees will be asked to sign the Contact Tracing Form upon entry.


  1. The number of Masses and the Mass times will return to the pre-pandemic times.



  1. Liturgical Ministers (Communion Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers, Sacristans, Greeters, Ushers) are asked to resume their duties as soon as possible. Signup sheets and scheduled are being prepared and will be posted soon.


  1. As of Sunday, July 5, the 10am Mass will be live streamed and posted on the diocesan Facebook page at:


For more information, click on the link from the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, to read the updates regarding the protocol for COVID 19.



New Adoration Chapel Policy-COVID 19

For the safety and protection of our Adorers, we are ONLY PERMITTING 4 PEOPLE IN THE CHAPEL AT A TIME.

If upon arrival there are 4 Adorers, come back at another time or wait outside in your car until someone leaves before entering.

Those who have an assigned time slot are encouraged to continue to attend. If there are already 4 Adorers, please wait until someone leaves.

Wash your hands before entering the Chapel and before you leave the Chapel.

These are challenging times and we ask for your cooperation in keeping our Chapel open during the crisis.

Thank you.


New Parishioner Registration Form

If you would like to become a registered parishioner at Holy Cross Parish, simply download the registration form (HCP Parish Registration Form) and return it to the parish office (252 Dubuc Street) via in person (drop the form in the mailbox) or email at


Parish Financials – COVID 19

There are ways to continue to support the parish during this crisis:

  1. Direct Deposit
    If you are currently not signed up and you would like to give your donations through this program, you can visit our website at, download a direct deposit form (Direct Deposit Form), and mail the form to us by regular mail or email it at You can also contact us at 204-233-7367 or If you do not have a void cheque, please provide your bank account number, branch number and transit number.
  2. Mail your Offerings and donations (cheques only) payable to Holy Cross Parish. Post-dated cheques are accepted. 
  3. Drop off your Offerings and donations in our mailbox. (Please call the office at 204-233-7367 or ring the doorbell before leaving the envelope in the mailbox).
  4. Give online at Click on the “Give Online” tab, go under “Donation Methods” and “Online”.
  5. If you do not want to use PayPal and wish to use your credit card, then click on the link:  and you can donate to Holy Cross Parish on the Archdiocese of St. Boniface website.  
  6. If you are visiting the Adoration Chapel, you can also drop in your offerings and donations in the box provided.

Please be advised that Holy Cross Parish is unable to accept Interact e-Transfers any longer. Please sign up for Automatic Withdrawal, use PayPal, cheques, or your regular Offertory Envelopes. Thank you!


Holy Cross Parish Office is now open to the public. 

Parish Office Hours: 

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 12pm

For your safety and ours, we are limiting parish office occupancy to 2 at a time. 

Protect yourself and others. Please wear a face mask or face covering upon entry. 

Thank you for understanding!