In response to Jesus' loving plea to spend time with him, Holy Cross Parish offers the faithful an opportunity to worship.


I tell friends who live in other cities that my “little stone church on a hill, under spreading oak trees resembles (at a distance) an early English Catholic church, circa 1500.”  But I’m at a loss to describe its increasingly- beautiful interior; except to say it “reflects a traditional Catholic splendour.” This in addition to a “very real air of sanctity.” Wish I could put it into words. I can’t – except to say, that the first time I visited Holy Cross a decade ago I’ve sensed a certain holiness that I’d been missing elsewhere. As if angels are hovering just outside the periphery of our vision during Mass (when it can bring me sudden, inexplicable tears of joy!)

I also tell friends that Holy Cross is the “only church in this city of 700,000 with a true, 24/7 Adoration chapel.” Again, I wish I could put into words what visiting the chapel each day after Mass, means to me. I only know I couldn’t live without it now! I’ve often thought “I wouldn’t trade this gift for all the money in the world” (and imagine this is a common feeling among Catholics).

– Mark Blackburn

I attend the 7:50 AM Sunday Mass.  I was steered to the R.C.I.A. [Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults] program.  The course was run by Deacon Gilles.  I learned to much about the Catholic Church (would recommend that everyone take it) and I knew I was meant to be here.  I became a Confirmed Catholic.

I will tell you quite honestly I have never been so content and happy since coming to Holy Cross.  All the sponsors have been a tremendous help to me.  This is now my third year at Holy Cross.  GOD willing, I will be here until I die.

– Roy Oakley

Me and my brother have, for a couple of years, been in the Christmas Pageant here.  And the all-year-round flexibility of Mass times has been so convenient and helpful.  You never have an excuse to miss Mass!

We also go to weekly Adoration here.  It’s such a beautiful thing in my life to have that quiet prayer time and have access to that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– Danielle Savard


As a Protestant convert drawn into the Church by the miracle of the Eucharist, I absolutely love the focus that Holy Cross puts on the Body and Blood of Christ. The parish’s adoration chapel, the architectural centering of the Tabernacle, the big celebration and procession on Corpus Christi Sunday, and of course the solemnity of the Mass – these all guide me to a deeper encounter with the person of Jesus.

Thanks for the opportunity to witness!

– James Kautz

Our family loves Holy Cross because it’s a place where our kids can get involved in different programs beyond sacramental prep.  I know that my kids will witness the same depth of faith and passion for Jesus that we strive to create in our home.”

– Roland Rivard

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